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Conflict can have a significant impact on the graduate experience.  The School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Students’ Union and Student Life recognized that early informal support could help all members of the graduate community to more effectively manage conflict.

Responding to recommendations…

Since January 2016, the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre (Grad CRC) has provided services on all three campuses emphasizing proactive, positive and respectful ways of managing, preventing and resolving conflict.  The Grad CRC responds to some of the recommendations that were put forward in the Report of the Provostial Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health, including:Fern plant fiddlehead

3.3 Create programming for graduate students that will foster a greater sense of community within and across departments and faculties, and enhance support for graduate students in their interactions with their supervisors…

3.7 Develop programming and training that supports faculty, graduate supervisors, and teaching assistants to create learning environments that encourage students to seek help without fear of judgment or repercussions.

Contributing to a supportive graduate community…

The Grad CRC engages the entire graduate community (students, staff and faculty) in the conflict resolution process.  Graduate students at UTM, UTSC and UTSG can speak confidentially with one of the members of the Grad CRC’s trained peer-to-peer support team (G2G Peer Advisors) about any university-related issue or conflict.  Faculty and staff can contact the Manager, Heather McGhee Peggs, to talk off the record about concerns.  The Grad CRC also facilitates training and workshops for faculty, administrators and students.

Reporting annually to the Partners. 

Identifying trends and sharing back with the Partners is an important component of an effective conflict management system.   Our year for data purposes is July to June, and each summer we put together a report that is sent to the partners for discussion.  We are happy to share our summaries from the past years.

GradCRC Insights Summary June2018_July 2019

GCRC Report Summary July2017_June2018 _AODA

GCRC Report Summary July2016_June2017-AODA



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