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Supporting the U of T graduate community 2016-2020

Conflict can make us feel uneasy or alone. Conflict can also push us to think creatively and challenge our assumptions.   The Grad CRC supported University of Toronto graduate faculty, staff and students in taking steps to prevent, manage or resolve grad school conflict.  From 2016 – 2020, the Grad CRC provided trusted confidential conflict coaching to over 730 graduate students and 180 faculty and staff on all U of T campuses and conflict management training to over 2400 students and 450 faculty and staff.

Sadly, the Grad CRC will be closing effective July 1, 2020 as announced by the Vice Provost-Students and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.  We have celebrated the work of the incredible G2G Peer Advisors on Twitter & Facebook – read more about the G2G team in this University Affairs article!

  • After June 30, 2020, students, faculty and staff seeking information, support training or advice about supervision issues should email the Vice Dean, SGS.
  • For more information about graduate specific programming, including GradLife (Student Life) and the Grad Room (SGS), visit the SGS website.
  • Graduate students needing assistance for appeals and academic issues can also connect with Gail Fernando, UTGSU Advocacy Coordinator at .

Contact us! UNTIL JUNE 30, 2020

Be kind.  Be curious.  Be Accurate. Be Timely.  Be yourself.

This is the Grad CRC motto.  Grad students connected confidentially with a G2G (grad-to-grad) Peer Advisor about any academic issue.  The G2G were all current U of T master’s and doctoral students trained in conflict resolution coaching.  They helped their fellow students to manage difficult situations by exploring options (pros and cons), relevant policies and available resources;  the G2G did not “take sides”, advocate or intervene on a student’s behalf.

Headshot Heather McGhee Peggs

Heather McGhee Peggs, Grad CRC Manager,  brought the vision of a graduate conflict resolution support service to reality, and provided individual support and training to faculty and staff.  Heather is a passionate advocate for front-line conflict management, consulting with all members of the graduate community on best practices in dispute prevention and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) based on her experiences and training in fair process, ombuds work, restorative justice, mediation, negotiation and litigation.

Rebecca Hazell, Grad CRC Conflict Resolution Coordinator (and a former G2G Peer advisor) provided support to the G2G team in coordinating workshops, training, events, and the Grad CRC’s online presence.  In addition to her previous experience working collaboratively with members of the U of T community in student services, Rebecca brought to the role her experience as a U of T student (OISE), her training as a Certified Mediator, and a deep commitment to alternative dispute resolution in higher education.

No matter is too small to discuss.