Training & Events

October 19, 2018 – The G2G will facilitate a supervision Workshop for Dalla Lana School of Public Health PhD students.

October 24, 2018 – Grad Talk -Getting the most from your supervisor – 12-2pm, Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street. Join fellow graduate students and G2G Peer Advisors from the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) for an interactive discussion about the challenges of working with a supervisor, how to use the guidelines to your advantage, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your supervisory relationship. Register for Grad Talks. *FULL*!

November 5, 12, 19, 2018- GPS Conflict Resolution Fundamentals Series – 4pm-6pm, Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street. A series of 3 workshops that will help graduate students understand what conflict is, and the role of effective communication and negotiation in conflict resolution. This event is available only to graduate level U of T students, and one registration is for all 3 workshops. 2GPS credits for 3 x 2 hour workshops. Register on (under Events & Workshop Calendar > Graduate Conflict Resolution > November 5, 2018).

November 6, 2018 – The first of a 2 part workshop series on Conflict Prevention with Sustainability Management Program grad students at UTM

November 19, 2018 – The Grad CRC will facilitate a Supervision Workshop for Nursing Graduate students, UTSG.


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Recent Events

Thank you to all the students, faculty and staff who have joined us for our workshops!  We are committed to continually improving our training, so if you have any suggestions that you didn’t provide to us at the end of the workshop, please email us at

We also participate in panels and share information about our services with incoming graduate students at Fall/Winter orientation events.  All of our workshops are customized for the particular audience/department, and we are happy to create new conflict resolution themed workshops to address the concerns or issues you see most within your graduate community – contact us to discuss!



Skits for Supervision Conflict Management: The Grad CRC joined Professors Lee and Reithmeier, Biochemistry and Immunology, and the GPD class for a series of supervision skits and an interactive discussion on conflict resolution strategiesFebruary 1, 2018.

Six super stressful supervisor scenarios & what you can do to manage them: G2G Nikhil and Amika ran this workshop at UTIAS. January 31st, 2018

Negotiating time for family: Strategies for bringing up family in discussions with your supervisor- WEBINAR with U of T’s  Family Care Office May 2017

FACULTY: “Getting the most from your supervisory relationship”: workshop for faculty in Nursing, facilitated by Heather McGhee Peggs.  January 2018.

FACULTY:”Conflict Management for Supervisors/Advisors”.  Grad CRC & SGS ran an interactive workshop for faculty on how to effectively manage conflict within the supervisory relationship. May 2017.


Grad Connections: Imposter Phenomenon – G2G Amika & Nelson shared their experiences feeling like an imposter in grad school with fellow grads over hot chocolate and timbits! October 2017.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION DAY! The Grad CRC spent promoted the concept of peaceful conflict resolution and held a G2G Drop-in Marathon @ OISE, Bahen & GradRoom  and hourly Conflict Resolution Tips on Twitter @GradCRCUofT.  October 2017.

UTM Sustainability Management workshop “Weathering the Storm: Navigating conflict in group work” -facilitated by the Robert Gillespie Academic Success Centre.  September 2017.

STAFF: A discretionary decision-making workshop: Grad CRC presented this workshop as part of Hart House Staff Professional Development Day. January 21, 2018.