Who we are

The Grad CRC is a partnership

The Grad CRC is a tri-campus resource for best practices in conflict resolution and dispute prevention and a partnership of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)Student Life , and the Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU).  We have been providing support to the U of T graduate community since January 2016.

The G2G Peer Advisors are good listeners 

The G2G (grad-to-grad) Peer Advisors are master’s and doctoral students trained in conflict resolution coaching.  Grad students can talk confidentially with a G2G about any academic issue.  A G2G will not “take sides”, advocate or intervene on your behalf; a G2G will help you to explore what your options are (pros and cons), what policies apply and what resources are available, and can help you prepare for a difficult conversation.  The G2G also facilitate conflict resolution training workshops and sessions for their fellow students.

Headshot Heather McGhee Peggs

Heather McGhee Peggs, Manager

Heather consults with all members of the graduate community on best practices in dispute prevention and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) based on her experiences in many forms of dispute resolution: ombuds processes, mediation, negotiation and litigation.  She provides individual conflict coaching to faculty and staff and delivers training on early and effective conflict management strategies to faculty, staff and students.

Headshot Rosa Duran

Rosa Duran, Conflict Resolution Coordinator

Rosa supports the G2G team in coordinating workshops, training, events, and the Grad CRC’s online presence. Rosa is certified as a Restorative Justice Conference Facilitator with extensive experience working with diverse groups in post-secondary and community environments and in developing strong partnerships, safer spaces, and communities.

Headshot Sarah

Sarah, Grad CRC Assistant 

Sarah provides part-time support to the G2G Peer Advisor team and helps to keep things running smoothly at the Grad CRC.


We would love to hear from you!

Please email us at gradcrc@utoronto.ca if you:

  • have any Conflict Resolution programming feedback and/or ideas
  • want to request a copy of our latest annual insights Report
  • would like to learn more about how the Grad CRC can support you and your department.