How do I become a G2G?

Photo G2G Peer Advisor Team: Rebecca, Michael, Sam & Priyanka

G2G Team Meeting March 2017

Anyone enrolled in a graduate degree program (part-time or full-time) on UTM, UTSC or UTSG campus can apply to join the G2G Peer Advisor team. The G2G provide part-time (6-8 hours per week, casual) coaching, outreach to their peers within their departments and across the university.  They also facilitate training and workshops for grad students.

We look for students who have experience supporting/working with other students and who are great listeners. We encourage applications from grads with varied life experiences, backgrounds and identities. Team members will be selected from UTM, UTSC and UTSG campuses and from various graduate programs/units. The 2018/2019 team had 15 members (6 new, 9 returning).

Thank you to all applicants!

The job posting for the G2G 2019/2020 team closed Sunday, September 8, 2019.  We had an incredible response from grad students across U of T and will only be able to contact individuals who are selected to move to the interview stage.   Thank you to all applicants – we couldn’t put together such a wonderful team without your enthusiasm!


G2G Peer Advisors building Lego Bridge

Lego Bridge Building Teamwork Challenge Jan 2016

G2G must complete an extensive 35+ hour conflict resolution training program (paid) and commit to ongoing continuing education throughout the term of their contract.  Our training is unique because of its focus on graduate-specific concerns and resources available at U of T to support grad students and because it draws upon expertise within SGS, Student Life, UTGSU, to facilitate the training modules on topics such as:

G2G Team training

Self-Care Superheros at the Multi-Faith Centre October 2016

  • essential graduate policies/resources
  • active listening for coaching
  • advanced dispute resolution & negotiation
  • intercultural communication
  • equity & fairness
  • power imbalances & imposter phenomenon
  • trauma awareness
  • mindfulness & self-care; and
  • conflict coaching.
  • AODA and Health & Safety training.