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“Let’s do lunch!” Discomfort, Flexibility & Grad Connection by Rebecca H.

Recognizing your own communication style or the cultural lens that informs your point of view can lead to greater awareness of difference and promote flexibility when there is a misunderstanding. In my experience, intercultural understanding takes time and patience to develop, but has resulted in many meaningful friendships. To read Rebecca’s full blog post visit … Read More

Mid- Term: Time to boost your confidence! by Sam F.

The mid-term point can be stressful for many graduate students – assignments need to be handed in; assignments need to be marked; and graduation may be fast approaching…all while the weather keeps getting better! There are 5 strategies the G2G (Grad2Grad) Peer Advisors and I brainstormed to keep developing your confidence in grad school and … Read More

No Issue is too small – Conflict Resolution in Grad School – by GradLife Blogger

While graduate students may enjoy small class sizes and work in small groups, grad school can be an oddly isolated experience. Here is where the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre (Grad CRC) can help! To learn more about the Grad CRC visit GradLife Blog

When it feels like “Me vs. U of T”: Navigating Institutional Structures by Manaal F.

Whenever someone asks me to describe U of T, the first thing that rolls off my tongue is: “Well, it’s big. Really big.” Learning how to navigate institutions is not only a skill necessary for surviving grad school, it’s also a great career skill in our future workplaces beyond graduation. To read Manaal’s full blog … Read More

What is stopping you negotiating (more effectively)? By Heather M.P.

Negotiation is an important part of graduate life. Many of us get nervous or stressed out about the thought of having to talk with a supervisor or colleague about issues that are important to us. Preparation is key to combating nervousness and increasing the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome. Read the full GradLife blog post for … Read More