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Supporting graduate students, staff and faculty at U of T

Conflict may make us feel uneasy or alone. Conflict can also push us to think creatively and challenge our assumptions. The CRC is here to support the University of Toronto graduate community in taking steps to prevent or resolve conflict.

If you are grad student or postdoctoral fellow at UTM, UTSC or UTSG you are welcome to connect confidentially with one of our trained G2G Peer Advisors (G2G=grad-to-grad) to talk about options and strategies for addressing a concern and available university supports and resources.  G2G do not intervene or advocate – they listen and can help you to navigate your own way forward.

If you are a faculty or staff member you can refer students to the G2G Peer Advisors and/or contact the CRC directly to discuss early and effective conflict resolution strategies and opportunities for skills development and training for your department.

No matter is too small to discuss.